Core Values

  • Community – We believe the inclusion of LBGTQ+ individuals throughout the financial services workforce strengthens the industry. 

  • Visibility – We believe in publicly recognizing LBGTQ+ individuals as accepted, valuable constituents of the financial services industry, and so we provide a platform to raise awareness of our participation in the workplace.

  • Advocacy – We believe strong, pro-LBGTQ+ corporate policies foster inclusion and protection, and so we help our constituents develop and champion such policies within their respective firms and throughout the financial services industry.

  • Support – We believe all LBGTQ+ individuals benefit from the encouragement and guidance of others, and so we promote a professional and social network of support within the financial services industry.

  • Voice – We believe that the calls of many are louder than those of a few, and so we create a united front to raise LBGTQ+ concerns and viewpoints within our individual firms and throughout the financial services industry.

  • Role Models – We believe in the empowerment of role models at all levels of our firms and industry, and so we take action to identify and develop visible LGBTQ+ leaders throughout our community.

  • Partnerships – We believe that our impact can be greater when combining forces, and so we leverage our influence and resources through alliances with other LGBTQ+ advocacy groups both within and outside the financial services industry.